Making Luxury a Lifestyle

“These eyeshadows are super pigmented”. “I love the way the new Chanel lip stains stay put”.”This perfume makes you smell like a unicorn in heat”.


Okay so that last one was added for comedic effect. But we still all fall victim to this, in one way or another. Victims of both listening to and perpetrating this extreme culture of consumerism. And I am by NO means excusing myself – the very reason I humbly write this post now is because I caught myself becoming engulfed by it. It’s easy to do, with the glittering celebrities and charismatic Youtubers telling us what to buy and who to buy it from. It’s an addicting community, and while it is possible to participate objectively, we sometimes forget to do so.

I completely support anyone who feels that those things can aid in their state of happiness. I do believe that certain purchases can help to make our lives richer. The keyword here, however, is help – they will not actually make our lives richer. Having those things cause a temporary euphoria. So why put ourselves in debt because of something that will ultimately lay forgotten in our never-ending hunt for the next best thing?

The answer: DON’T. Think wisely about what you’re spending your money on – we all have our guilty pleasures, but are you overindulging? If your zb5joimincome doesn’t match your inventory, there is a problem. Think of the age old adage, “quality over quantity”. It may be an overused cliche, but that’s because it’s true. In my opinion, quality trumps quantity, in all aspects of life. After all, quantity is not the basis of luxury.

Living a life of luxury doesn’t have to be a far off dream; luxury is in everything we do, not what we buy. It’s our every day life, how we interact with others and how we treat ourselves. Taking hot baths; sitting outside in the patio on a brisk night with the dogs; going for a lovely lunch with good friends. These things are what contribute to life’s luxuriousness. People will notice your inner radiance where they merely glanced over your flashy appearance.

If it’s luxury you’re after, put down the credit card and take stock of your mentality. Evaluate your spending – if it’s fueled by impulse, you know it’s time to make a change.  Make luxury YOUR lifestyle.





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