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Hi Hoh, Hi Hoh, It’s Back to Work We Go

It’s the moment every new mother dreads; the moment you have to leave your brand new
baby behind as you make the big return to work. You’ve spent weeks getting to know this little person you created and now it’s time to let go. How can everyone expect this of you? Don’t they know he/she needs you? How will you survive it?


You will. It’s just going to take a bit of readjusting. 

The number one thing that will need readjusting? Your mind state. Don’t look at it as time away from your little one – look at it as time to feel more like yourself again. When we become mothers, it seems like our center o
f gravity shifts and the only thing that matters is your child. But that’s not the case. The happiest mothers I know are the ones who realize their own wellbeing is still important: that taking care of themselves is what will keep them sane and healthy in order to best take care of their children. Diving headfirst into your career will jumpstart that mentality into gear; your goals and aspirations still matter, if anything even more now that you have miniature eyes you know are looking up to you.

The other thing that will help you rejoin the work world? Making sure you’re prepared to do so. Use the last two weeks before your return to get everything in place: establishing childcare, getting your office attire in order now that your weight has (once again) fluctuated, filling out medical releases and any other paperwork that needs to be completed. The more prepared you are, the less opportunity for mayhem to strike at the last minute and throw you off your game. Make lists of all the tasks you need to tackle so you can prioritize and take them on; the goal to limit your stress levels as much as possible, and organization is always the best preparation.

It’s going to be tough. You may shed a tear. But as long as you modify your mindset and prepare for the change, returning to work doesn’t have to be all that painful.

And if you do find it to be, come on down and vent in the comments. That’s what we’re here for 🙂 





2 thoughts on “Hi Hoh, Hi Hoh, It’s Back to Work We Go

  1. Just found your blog! I head back to work in 3 months. I thought it was hard after one child, but now with two… Ugh! I completely agree though, that it’s super important for our well being and frame of mind. As much as we worry, children are so much more adaptable than we give them credit. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


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