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#TeamFitMoms: Staying Fit During Pregnancy

#TeamFitMoms…one of my favorite hash tags.

Being pregnant, for me at least, was not the joyous thing everyone raved about. In fact, it was a struggle everyday just to get out of bed. Yes, it was beautiful knowing life was being shaped inside of me – but it was not exactly a pleasant process. Between the morning all day sickness, extreme fatigue, migraines, and awful taste of iron in my

One  month before finding out I was pregnant
mouth, I could not WAIT to give birth. And watching my body slowly morph into one that rivaled a beached whale didn’t help things either. I had always taken extreme pride in my body; I was no Victoria Secret model, but staying fit, toned and healthy had been an important part of my life for over 10 years.

I refused to let pregnancy change that.

Watching my body change was a bit of  a double edged sword. On one side, I was in awe experiencing first hand just what a woman’s body is capable of; on the other, I was incredibly anxious not knowing if I would fit back into my clothes in another 6 months. So I did everything I could, within reason, to ease that anxiety. I gained a total of 30 pounds

37 Weeks
during my pregnancy, and was able to drop them within 10 weeks of my emergency c-section. I am by no means a personal trainer – nor did I make working out my life – but I just wanted to share how I was able to keep my body in shape while carrying – making it that much easier to achieve the snap back I was working for.

  1. Eat for One That whole “eat for two” line? Complete b.s. Unless you want to dress for two as well, do yourself a favor and put down the extra helping. Ask your doctor by how much you should be increasing your calorie intake, and you’ll be surprised to learn it’s not by much – definitely not enough to excuse the double portions. And those cravings? Don’t indulge more than once a week. Your waistline (and your baby) will thank you.
  2. Stay Active Unless you are under strict orders from your doctor not to do so, keep working out! No, this is not the time to begin a work out regime if you haven’t been doing so already, but this is also most certainly not the time to slack off either. Modify your workouts to include less heavy weights, and increase your cardio. Don’t worry about working your abs, you have an entire amniotic sac in the way of that now. But no matter what form of exercise you choose, make sure you’re doing it 4-5 times a week. I continued working out until my 37th week, and believe that had a lot to do with my overall physical well-being post delivery. Just make sure you hydrate before, during and after your work out!
    6 Weeks PostPartum
  3. Try Yoga There is nothing like a good yoga session to loosen up stiff joints and warm up your muscles. During my second and third trimester I joined a prenatal yoga class that was held once a week, and was incredibly happy that I did. After every class I felt that much more at peace, my body that much more agile (and if you’re pregnant, you know agility is not a feeling you feel often). It was precious alone time that both my body and spirit enjoyed.

Yes, there will be days when your body just does not want to move. But move anyways. You have a little one inside you who is depending on you to be the strongest you can be, and the only way to do that is to push yourself. And if you are ever in need of motivation, just search the #FitMoms hashtag on social media; there are plenty of amazing women around the world to inspire you!




P.S. If you’re a new mom who wasn’t able to stay active during pregnancy, no worries! A post for getting your ultimate post-baby body is coming soon. ❤


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