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Why is That There? Life Organization 101

If you know me, you know organization is my life.

I can’t think straight if my things aren’t in their allocated spot, if my book shelf isn’t aligned according to size or if my throw blankets aren’t perfectly rolled in their storage bin.

But alas, I know everyone doesn’t share this affliction.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for a more organized living area, though. The simplicity of a clutter free space helps lead you to a clutter free mind – and who doesn’t want one of those? There’s nothing like a clean and neat home to make you feel like you can take over the world – or at least your next shift.

Below are some quick and easy ways to help keep yourself in check in the areas that get the most daily use:

Closet Our clothes are how we express ourselves; why shouldn’t they be housed accordingly? Whether you have a full walk in or a flat wall, your closet is one of the most important areas to kee

Organized closet space
Photo courtesy of Loubna Meron

p organized because it is where you start your day off as you get ready. If you can afford to, stocking your closet with all the same colored hangers is one
way to make the space look much cleaner; if not, making sure all of your clothes are hanging in the same direction is another major key. Don’t let clothes slip and slide off the hangers, either – if you have to button them up, button them up. This not only helps save your clothes from wrinkling but also keeps the space aesthetically pleasing.

Pantry You reach in your kitchen pantry everyday, so why not make sure everything is neat and easy to get into? The easiest ways to do this are with

Kitchen organization
Photo courtesy of Yacine Aziz

shelving and clear bins. You can find both in the dollar store. Tiered mini shelves help to stack smaller food items and spices, and clear bins will keep everything looking monochromatic as well as easy to identify.

Car Most of us use our cars daily to get to and from our many destinations, so it’s one of the most important places to keep organized. The easiest way to do this? DON’T HOARD THINGS IN YOUR CAR. It’s a form of transportation, and that’s how it should be used. Have things to return? Return them, don’t store them in your trunk. Have a habit of eating on the go? Throw our your trash when you’re done. While there are certainly things we like to keep in our car out of convenience – this is especially true for those of us with kids – that doesn’t mean they have to be strewn along the backseat and the floor. Use the storage spaces in your car, like the middle console and backseat compartments,  to keep eyesores at a minimum and to make sure you know where to find things when you need them.

Desk If you do most of your work from a computer, then you know the importance of your desk space. It’s where we sit to put our best foot forward in whatever we may be working on, and there is nothing more draining than an uninspired work space. To keep your mind focused, make sure your desk area is simple and uncluttered by utilizing drawer space. My most important tip is to keep your desktop as clear as possible.

Photo courtesy of The Sparkly Lifestyle

If you can, keep only your computer, notebook, and a mug for pens on top, using the drawers for such items as staplers and scissors. My favorite way to house paperwork is by using different colored file folders and placing them in magazine racks either near the legs of your desk or on wall shelving.There is nothing more distracting than a messy desktop.

Your immediate surroundings have so much to do with how think and feel. I hope these ideas were helpful and will inspire you to organize your life!

What are some ways you have learned help keep you organized? Let me know!






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