The Power of Thought

I decided to try a little experiment the other day. There was someone I was really deserving an apology from for something they had said to me some weeks prior, and I hadn’t received one yet. So I claimed it. I decided I would get that apology, and receive closure from a situation that was still bothering me – even though the individual was extremely prideful and not the apologetic type. The very next morning, I got a text message with that apology.

Mind blown. 

we become what we think_small

I’ve seen several videos lately where celebrities have been talking about the power of our thoughts and how we have the ability to shape our worlds with them. The concept has always sounded a little new age-y to me, and has been a very popular one with the emergence of books like The Secret. Being a spiritual person myself, I always thought things were out of my control – that God has a plan for all things and I have no control.

But after doing some serious reflecting, I’ve come to realize how flawed that line of thinking is.

Yes, God is in control. But He has given us control as well. And whether you believe as I do in the Christian faith or not is besides the point here. As human beings, we have immense power – not limitless, but immense. More than we give ourselves credit for. Our thoughts, be them negative or positive, are what shape our world. If you constantly tell yourself you cannot do this or you’re not good enough for that, guess what: you won’t be. On the other hand, if you are consistently telling yourself that you will achieve this, that you can reach that level? You WILL. Believing in yourself is everything, but it’s all about what parts of yourself you choose to believe in.

susan l taylor quote longI’m sure this is nothing new to you, nothing you haven’t heard before. The message may be the same as many others who have given it before me. But sometimes I think we just need to hear it said in a certain way, or by a certain person, for it to click. And that’s all that matters; that it clicks.

I have been striving to keep this concept in mind, all day, every day. And I can honestly say that it has made all the difference in my overall state of happiness and well being. I know there is nothing keeping me from the things I want out of life – success, love, spiritual ascension. I claim things daily, and am no longer surprised when they come to pass. I understand that through sheer force of will, absolutely nothing is out of my reach. Instead of dwelling on things that may or may not happen, I live in hope and decisiveness. I decide what kind of day I will have, and then I go out and have it. I choose not to live in fear and worry, because when I stop worrying about the things I fear, they no longer have a place in my world. And in turn, those things don’t happen.

You are your thoughts. Make them beautiful star






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