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No Matchy Matchy: Pulling Your Home Decor Together

For anyone who’s decorated a space of their own, you know it can be a challenge.

I know when I first moved into my own apartment, I was super excited to decorate it. I couldn’t wait to pick up all the things I liked while I was out shopping and bring them home to live with me. I thought it would be easy: if you like it, buy it. If it looks to be the same color and/or pattern as the items you already have, it will work.

I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.

Things will very rarely ever be the exact same color or pattern, unless you are purchasing from a collection. So instead of having an apartment that flows, you create a very unpolished, unrefined look that doesn’t feel like home at all. Take it from me – I made this mistake twice. My first apartment looked like I didn’t understand the difference between country chic and modern. My second? Just looked like a mess. A hot mess.

But third times the charm. I have learned that creating a cohesive look in your home does not mean slapping “matchy matchy” pieces together, but rather bringing together pieces that reflect one another and will make you happy to look at. They don’t necessarily have to  be in the same color family or even be the same material – I  like to mix cottons with faux fur, and silver with bronze. I’m not ashamed to say I have a fair amount of rose gold in my home, and enjoy the playful contrast it has against black granite and brown wood; it’s girly while still suitable for a grown adult. Having my son also makes me hesitant about having any overly feminine decor as I don’t want him to resent me when he gets older (lol), so I like mixing victorian and modern styles together to create a really pretty yet strong design look.

I’ve taken some candid photos of examples of this from my apartment below. Photos don’t quite do the space justice, but I hope you like! ❤





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