Summer Time Fine; Food & Fitness Rules

Yes, it may already be mid-summer, but I believe the term “summer time fine” is one that can be used through out the year. It screams bronze skin, shiny hair, and above all – a fit body. So if you ask me, I want to be summer time fine every day, no matter what the season.

This is easier said than done though. It requires discipline, dedication, and a deep understanding of how your body works. While I won’t get in to the particular sciences of it all here, I will share some general, universal “do’s” for all body types that will up your health and in turn boost your confidence. These guidelines are simple and easier to stick to than extreme diets and health fads, and are just meant to get you started in the right direction.


  1. Water before breakfast (and don’t skip breakfast) Water first thing because, well, water. Water’s great for you. Skipping breakfast will cause you to eat more during lunch and dinner, because your body will be empty and need the fuel. While you want lunch to be larger, you do not want your dinner to be; your body won’t be as efficient at breaking the food down later in the day.
  2. Lunch should be largest meal This will give your body both the energy it needs and the time to process it.
  3. No soda/juices Sugar is icky. Carbonation is icky. There is absolutely nothing good that will come from you drinking soda and/or juice, unless it’s completely all natural juice. And even then…just stick to water. Too boring? Toss in some lemon, strawberries, blueberries or blackberries for flavor.
  4. No carbs after 4pm Carbohydrates can cause you to bloat, and the later in the day you’re bloated, the lower your energy level.
  5. No eating after 7pm Trust me on this. It’s a real game changer. As long as you’re eating properly throughout the day, staying hydrated, and going to bed at a decent hour, you won’t even notice.
  6. Water through out the day! Bonus for fruit infused water, which will give you both flavor and antioxidants. Because like I said. Water.
  7. Workout (30 min cardio, 30 min strength training) 2-3 times per week The type of cardio and intensity of the strength training is completely up to you and where your fitness levels are. Push yourself though, don’t slack. You’ll only be cheating yourself.
  8. 15 minutes of physical activity/exercise on off days Staying active on your off days will help relieve any soreness from your more intense training days.IMG_5735
  9. No frozen meals They’re bad for you! Plain and simple. Processed foods in general are bad, but while it may be more difficult to completely cut that out, eliminating frozen meals you can definitely manage.
  10. Waist train 3 days a week (for me this is M, W & F while I’m at work) While this is completely optional, I would be remiss not to include it in this list because it has definitely made a positive impact on my body. I don’t wear them every single day, and I definitely don’t wear them all day when I do. Nor would I recommend sleeping in them, which some more extreme avid waist trainer users may suggest. But a waist trainer can help minimize appetite (so you won’t over eat) and “train” your body to distribute fat in targeted areas. It’s controversial, I know. And by no means is it a short cut – you can’t waist train, not work out or eat well and expect results. It is simply a tool I have found beneficial that I encourage my own family and friends to try.

Sticking to these tips have helped shape my body into one I thoroughly enjoy checking out in the mirror (and after giving birth 8 months ago, this is saying something). Sometimes I even give myself a little thumbs up. Corny, I know. But body confidence isn’t, and taking the time to appreciate your body and take care of it is always worth it.






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